Khan Market
Shabnam A Singh

"From her artist studios, based in the beautiful valley of  Dehra Dun, surrounded by picturesque mountains, meandering rivers and dense sal forests, a varied array of products are created along with her original art.

Some of these, in the form of table coasters, serving trays and more, carrying the label of Brush Stroke Designs, have found their way to Attune, Khan Market.

Bright floral images taken from original art are printed onto sturdy American birchwood ply and hand finished by professionals to create the beautiful yet practical ware for use in homes.

Created to enhance any space these products are placed in, they would make perfect gifts for any occasion."


Thread Art
Gunjan Arora & Rahul

"The art form, using a technique true to its creators Gunjan Arora and Rahul Jain, is unique in more ways than one. It involves the use of colored and textured yarns, strips of artfully cut fabric, zari and metals like Steel to create abstracts forms. Over time not only the handwriting of the art form has evolved but it has kick started a movement where textile, fashion and yarn industries have started to contributed their excess / waste yarns, thus making this an environmentally friendly art. The artists have applied this form of art to adorn walls as framed works, as window art and creating art lighting by making the panels moldable with the use of steel filaments.

Thread art, which began, as an experiment to create a completely new medium became a more limitless and expansive form that would transcend the mere definitions of mediums already explored and exploited."


Crafel (Adhya Crafts)
Pankaj Nanda

"They are a social enterprise working towards urbanizing Indian handicrafts and empowering artisans.

The brand homes over 7 rare design forms - sanjhi, patachitra, chikankari to name a few"


Sonal Malhotra

Sonal is a nature lover set out to do her bit by bringing some green and warmth to your spaces with uniquely designed self watering plants



"Fabbity is a creative concept store offering leather based stylish and sophisticated lifestyle accessories, stationery and other functional products for your home, office, hotel, service apartment and other fine living space requirement.

Everything you need to pretty up your work space!!


The founder Surabhi Mahajan Arora is a MBA by profession and a designer by heart. With the want to create something fabulous and a family background in the leather industry, fabbity was conceptualized to create lifestyle accessories, stationery and other functional products inspired from leather.


Innovation, customer satisfaction and community support are the core values of the company. We work with local artisans and craftsmen to create innovative products which meet the needs of our urban and trendy customers."


House of Arazi
Arjun Balraj

They call themselves purveyors of Gentlemen's accessories. Hand dyed silk ties, vibrant cufflinks and belts are some of their hallmark pieces.

Xylem/Rickshaw Recycle
Manohar Devraj

"Xylem is the mother brand. Rickshaw Recycle looks for visual interest in recycled materials.


Majorly they have paper crafts and decor."


Shruti Rawat Reddy

"The philosophy behind every nana product is to strike a balance between nature, colour and the whimsical.


Since its inception the label has steadily expanded its product range from handmade quilts and hand embroidered cushion covers to bags, hot water bottle covers, coasters, and a wide range of metal products for the home like wine bottle stoppers, cheese knives and many more.


Nana was born out of Shruti's love for colour and textiles and her dream to make products for the home that touched people's hearts. All nana products are handcrafted and ethically produced with great attention to detail."


Sujata Dere
Sujata Dere

"Everything is determined, the beginning, as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for insects as well as the stars, human beings, plants or cosmic dust – we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.”

These words of Albert Einstein ring true and this “mysterious tune” is a shared consciousness that is always present in all things. When I feel this invisible connected consciousness I am moved to paint the emotion that emanates at that moment. This may manifest in a graceful and serene lotus – symbolizing purity of heart and mind – or horses galloping in the wind, reveling in their freedom with the same joy and passion that reflects in my heart. It is all perspective – I believe that there is a spiritual component that exists among all living creatures.


Sujata completed her formal art education from the Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai. She works in mixed media, on canvas and archival paper, using layers of dry and wet materials, with aqaurellable pencils, gesso, acrylic paint and conte in black, white and earth colours. Bold lines give way to playful ones imbuing the work with gestural energy on the painted surface.

She has held 12 solo shows since her first exhibition in 1992 and has participated in over 30 group shows & workshops in India, England, the US, Dubai and Bangladesh; her works have won both critical and popular acclaim. They are an intrinsic part of private collections all over India, the Middle East, Europe and the US. "


Savita Gunju

Product: Chairs and sofas


Mauve and Pink
Poonam Bahl

Carpets, curtains, blinds by Poonam Bahl


Pritam Mehta

Pritam started his working career in the Army and took early retirement after spending 18 years in the Armoured Corps.

At age 57, he stumbled upon Pyrography quite by chance and underwent a self-learning process in 2015 that quickly transformed into a whole-time hobby. The calling was so strong that he gave up a highly successful 10 year role as founder/ editor in two magazines and seamlessly eased into the idyllic environs at the foothills of Mussoorie, returning to his hometown after almost four decades.

The aroma of burnt camphor wood, combined with his love for nature set him on a path to working long hours and inspired him to bring alive on wood, his childhood obsession with wildlife and nature. His work is based on the concept of Wabi-Sabi, which essentially translates into ‘asymmetry, transience, and imperfection.’ “What better medium to work on than natural logs and uneven planks? Every piece I work with has a uniqueness of its own and as I ease my pen off it for the last time, it acquires a kind of soul that merges with mine.” The wood he uses is sourced legally through government auctions. He happily donates 10% of his earnings to the needy in the village where he lives.


About Pyrography

Pyrography is the art of burning on wood or leather by the application of controlled heat. The burning is done by special, hand-held pyrography tools with solid-point or wire-tip nibs that are heated through an electric pyrography machine. There are several hundred types of nibs, and the applied temperature can be regulated through a variable temperature control.

A wide variety of woods with varying hardness, wood colour, and grain can be used. I prefer working on pieces that have unique physical characteristics, thus ensuring that no two pieces are alike. Most of my work is done on Basswood, Camphor or Mahogany with a lesser preference for Teak, Sheesham and Pine.

The wood colour and texture, nib shape, and applied temperature all play a direct role in creating stunning imagery through burn marks. I occasionally use colour, and my work is protected by refined Linseed oil and/ or a UV enhanced varnish. Pieces can be made on order as per your chosen wood, size, image, and intended use."


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