Khan Market
Hindustan Times: Decor ideas that’ll make you want to redecorate your kids’ room immediately
ATTUNE We, at Attune, envision a dedicated space in the luxurious lap of Khan Market, wherein the nascent designers exhibit their creative acumen and accelerate their chance of being recognized and appreciated. Customers may fulfill their desires to have a dream home with designer products embellishing it. And, for the talented designers, to have a name and fame of their own which they very well deserve.
Promoting Young Talent
'Anjum' a creative community for all amateurs, practitioners and seasoned poets and writers who deeply indulge in writing, reading and listening to good poetry and mausiqui (music). These people hardly get a chance to come out in public and be appreciated for they aren't Ghalibs or Gulzars.
Our Hearts And Space Is Open For Bands, Musicians And Gigs
Balcony of Performing Artists
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